Planning a wedding? Are you finding it a bit overwhelming? Breathe and Read on……

Hi there, Connie here from With Love As Always Civil Celebrant and welcome to my first Blog.

I love my job, I get to announce to the world that my couples are now husband and wife. It is such a special moment and one that will never tire.As amazing as your big day is, the lead up to getting married can be quite overwhelming and stressful.

To some it is a fun and relaxed experienced….and to most others as fun as it can be in part,  it can be the complete opposite.

Having being a bride myself and also being a bridesmaid in four weddings and a Celebrant, I have been involved and seen first hand  how it can become bigger than Ben Her

Below are some of my own personal suggestions for those who might be comparing wedding planning to a train wreck or animals gone wild…. I am here to help you. So breathe, and read on

First of all

  • Sit down over a glass of bubbles with your fiance and set out a budget. Talk about what you both can envision for your wedding day and get on the same page with things. This will help cease any arguments in the future
  • Next, once you have a budget and idea of what you are wanting create an Excel spreadsheet and record  all your hired services fees, suppliers details into this one stop shop spreadsheet. You can keep track of what you are spending, when payments are due and basically how that budget of yours is travelling.
  • Do up a vision board or get a wedding file happening with cut outs of bridal magazines and downloads from Pinterest that you want incorporated into your wedding day. This helps you keep on track with the overall theme you want for your big day and if you plan on hiring a Wedding Planner gives him/her a big insight into the type of ceremony feeling you are after.
  • Choose your nearest and dearest who bring the best out of you to be in your Bridal Party. Do not feel pressured into choosing everyone who in your life has made an impression on you. If this were the case you would have no guests at your wedding as they would all be standing beside you. Instead choose those that have always been there for you and who will be a great support to you in arranging your wedding day.
  • Then…..let your Bridal Party help you. If you need second opinions, shopping buddies or someone to help lick those 200 wedding invitations. Let them help you and do not be ashamed to ask for help. They would be more than happy to assist you and one day might just ask the same favor from you.
  • Dress shopping can be so hard, especially if you have no idea what type of dress you like or would suit you. I suggest going through magazines and getting an idea of what you like, what you dont like and then going in and telling the Bridal Shop assistant what you are thinking. They will offer advice in regards to certain dresses, what may show off your body best and it wouldn’t hurt to try on one of their suggestions as you never know it might be the winning dress. Once you have found a dress that makes your Mother and Bridal party all gasp, you know you have found the perfect dress for you, so don’t over-complicate the dress decision making procedure and try on another fifty from all over the place…cause chances are you will come back to this very dress. So if you love it, it is the style you want, it feels comfortable and ticks all the boxes, then wrap it up and move onto the next item for your wedding. If you are getting a dress made, it is imperative to know exactly what style you love, go in with plenty of examples/photos/fabrics etc as you can and show the dress maker as the more information you can provide them, the better your vision will come to life
  • Shop around for the best quality within your budget. Dont just settle for “It was cheap” however as often, if it is too cheap….it quite often comes with the “nasty” tag too. Items like your Photographer, Flowers, Celebrant ( I know a fabulous one, just sayin), cake makers etc…don’t settle for something that you will regret later. You want someone to capture your vision, bring your theme to life and like with hiring my services, make your Wedding day one you and your guests will remember a lifetime. Most people only do this once, so if you are on a budget, look at other items to save on ( eg, make some of your own wedding decor, Etsy and other online shops for bridal jewelry, bridemaid/ flower girl dresses and wedding favours as its these items that creep up on you with the budget. As long as you are happy to wait for a few weeks/months for your items to arrive you can save a truckload by shopping online. So just get your priorities in check and dont scrimp on hiring amazing vendors for your day


and my last piece of advice…..

  • KISS ( Keep it Simple Stupid). I know this can be hard at times in your wedding planning. But remind yourself why you are getting married in the first place. It is the start of forever with your partner and it should be the day of your dreams. Every item you have to plan in the wedding planning process is just getting you one step closer to marrying your loved one. So when the times are tough and you are having a “moment” , take five and remind yourself of this. Put the wedding plans on hold for a night, go on a date night with your fiance instead and recharge the batteries and get the good vibes flowing once more.

Please feel free to add any other suggestions to this page that I have left out ( I am sure there are plenty of other ideas our wedding planning Brides & Grooms would love to hear) and I truly hope you have enjoyed this blog and I look forward to hopefully being a part of your wedding day as your Celebrant, or giving you that hug of reassurance you may have needed today.


Connie x

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