Do you want to get married in Australia but reside overseas? That’s okay, we can most certainly marry you here in Australia and it is very easy. The same process applies if only one party resides overseas but the other party is here in Australia. In this day and age and with modern technology ( skype, email etc) we will still be able to communicate regularly and adhere to the legalities to be married in Australia.

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed carefully by you overseas and witnessed by an appropriate officer as listed below.

  • An Australian Diplomatic Officer
  • An Australian Consular Officer
  • A Notary Public – A person in any country publicly authorised to attest contracts and perform other formalities. Eg Someone authorised to witness legal documents
  • An Employee of the Commonwealth authorised under the Consular Fees Act 1955
  • An Employee of the Australian Trade Commission                                                                   

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