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December 7th was a history changing date for Australia. We all watched with anticipation as the votes were counted and the lower house of government legalised and recognised equality for all Australians to marry. It was a day where LOVE WON and its a day where Australia I believe grew as a nation.

The response was overwhelming. Tears of joy, tears of excitement and to some complete disbelief that they can now choose to marry freely and legally.

For some, it was a moment they thought they would never see in their lifetime.

But, two days later at 12:01am on the 9th December 2017, it was declared by the Attorney General stated that sex or gender no longer affects the rights to marry here in Australia.

My job as a Celebrant is to celebrate LOVE, it is to recognise a couple who have decided to spend the rest of their days waking to their one true love. It is to tell my couples stories and make it a legal moment in front of their nearest and dearest. For me, this news was just amazing.

I had shivers run up my spine when I watched the bill pass parliament, I had tears of absolute happiness for my clients who I could now say what was planned to be a “commitment ceremony” will now in fact be a “wedding ceremony” and like so many Australians I’m sure, that night my household popped open a bottle of champers to celebrate.

For me, marriage has always been the union of two people in love and NOW, I get to bring couples dreams to life, create a ceremony that showcases all couples as the unique individuals they are and deliver it as I always do….with the integrity, personality and professionalism it deserves.


C xx

( click on the Image above to be taken directly to the AG department where you can read more and also download the Notice of Intended Marriage document)


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