Getting married is such a special time and “ your story ” should be told with the integrity and respect that it deserves. Below is a wedding ceremony I have written. It showcases the style of ceremony I write and deliver to my clients

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Sarah & Franklyn

Prelude Message

Good afternoon Friends, Family and guests and welcome to the wedding ceremony of Sarah and Frank.

The bride and groom wish you to enjoy this ceremony and to please respect their wishes by refraining from taking photos throughout the ceremony  and or posting any pictures to social media.

They have hired a professional photographer who will capture these special moments and the couple will share with you all in due course.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy the ceremony that will take place here shortly.



I’d like to welcome you all here today, to the beautiful sands of Cottesloe beach to share in this celebration of friendship, love and marriage of Sarah Ashley Jones and Franklyn Noah Bettes.

My name is Connie Radecker

I am an authorised celebrant who is honoured to be officiating today’s ceremony as these two lovebirds publicly declare their love and commitments to one another and formalise their union as husband and wife.

Sarah & Frank are humbled to have such amazing friends and family and thank each of you for being here today to bear witness to their marriage and the commitments they are about to take.

Marriage is the joining of two lives, the mystical, the physical and the emotional union of two people with separate families and histories but now share the same destiny and future.

People choose to marry a person they love, a person they want to share their future with and wake up each and every morning to their best friend.

Sarah and Frank appear before us knowing that through the private commitment of their hearts and their open declaration of their love, that they are stepping forward together in marriage closely bound to one another

Sarah and Frank both recognise their upbringings and the love and devotion their parents instilled in them. They were both taught to have respect for all walks of life, to respect their siblings and to respect themselves. They were taught to fight for what they believed in, to chase their dreams, to stand tall in a crowd and to be the best person they can be.

They were taught to love and to be loved.

For this reason it is important to Sarah and Frank to say thank you to their parents and to also pay their respects to their loved ones who are watching from above.

In the chairs where Sarah’s mother Jane would proudly have sat is a photo of Sarah and her Mum at their engagement party. Jane had much influence in this wedding and was so very proud that her daughter was marrying someone with such a warm nature and heart. She was very supportive of today’s wedding and it was important for Sarah to still have her Mum included in this special day.

Sarah is wearing Jane's wedding band as a gesture that her Mum is still with her today, supporting her, giving her strength and encouragement to the nuptials that will shortly follow

Franks Father James chair is also sporting a photo of Frank and his late father. This photo is of the boys down the beach fishing and was one of the last memories Frank has with his Dad who was taken without warning. Frank says it was a great weekend away with his old man and his brothers and his family miss him dearly. James was also very proud of his son and all of his accomplishments, but also for today’s wedding and for meeting a special lady who was proud to call his daughter in law.

Today Frank is showing his sentiment for his Father by carrying James pocket watch which was a family heirloom


I would now like read and dedicate this poem to Jane who would have shared today herself with her daughter and son in law.

“As long as your eyes are blue” by Banjo Patterson.



Wilt thou love me, sweet, when my hair is grey
And my cheeks shall have lost their hue?
When the charms of youth shall have passed away,
Will your love as of old prove true?

For the looks may change, and the heart may range,
And the love be no longer fond;
Wilt thou love with truth in the years of youth
And away to the years beyond?

Oh, I love you, sweet, for your locks of brown
And the blush on your cheek that lies —
But I love you most for the kindly heart
That I see in your sweet blue eyes.

For the eyes are signs of the soul within,
Of the heart that is Leal and true,
And mine own sweetheart, I shall love you still,
Just as long as your eyes are blue.

For the locks may bleach, and the cheeks of peach
May be reft of their golden hue;
But mine own sweetheart, I shall love you still,
Just as long as your eyes are blue


Such a beautiful poem



At this point, I am now to remind you of the binding nature of which you are about to enter.


As a Civil Celebrant I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriage according to the law.

Sarah and Frank, before you are joined in marriage in my presence and the presence of these witnesses I am to remind you of the binding and solemn nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter

Marriage according to law in Australia is the union of a Man and Woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.


Sarah and Frank believe that marriage is a universal human right, and hope that one day in Australia and across the globe, everyone in love should have the right to marry legally and to be able to share in the joys and privileges of civil marriage.

I agree with them.


Giving Away

Today Sarah was accompanied down the aisle by her Father Mark, however the bride and groom would like to acknowledge all of their parents past and present that have helped in raising them to the people they are today.

To honour this uniting of the families, Sarah and Frank wish to ask their parent’s blessing.

I would like to ask Sarah’s Father Mark and Franks Mother Sandy to please stand.


Who brings this man and woman to be married to each other?

“We do.”

And are you all willing to sustain and strengthen this marriage by giving Sarah and Frank the public commitment of your love and support through all the ups and downs ahead of them?

“We are”


Thank you Parents, you may now be seated.


 Couples Story

Sarah and Frank’s love story began on the 2nd January 2010.

They were both coming home from separate celebrations in Bali.

Sarah was with her dear friend Tammy who talked Sarah in to a spare of the moment holiday to Bali to celebrate not only New Year’s but also the completion of Sarah’s studies of becoming a Veterinary Nurse.

Frank was returning from a boys trip away and was flying solo as he had to return to work the following Monday as a truck driver on a mine site.

Frank was feeling quite glum and dejected about leaving his mates who had an extra three days of poolside, partying and bintangs and he wished he was with them instead of waiting in the hot Denpasar International Airport with a flight already delayed by three hours.

That was until a smiling “girl next door” beauty; Sarah entered the waiting area with her friend Tammy and caught the attention of Frank. He was instantly drawn to this girl who seemed carefree and so full of life.

He secretly watched Sarah and wondered who she was and what her story was and he thought to himself, what I would give to be seated next to this bubbly beauty instead of his usual luck of co-workers, snoring business men, crying children, old people  and loved up couples.

Sarah, the mystery beauty in this story to had spotted Frank in the crowd and the reason she was so happy was because she and her friend Tammy were having secret bets as to who this handsome blue eyed man could be interested in.

Upon boarding the flight Frank gave Sarah a smile and Tammy conceded defeat in their private bet and then Tammy conjured a sneaky plan to have Sarah and Frank sit with each other as she pretended their seats had been separated.

Franks heart stopped and thanked his lucky stars.

Sarah blushed but put her items in the overhead compartment and sat down in awkward silence

Once in the air Sarah relaxed and together Frank and Sarah shared a wonderful flight back to Perth getting to know one another.

Frank mentioned to me that this was the only flight he has ever been on where he wished was longer, simply so he could keep the conversation going with Sarah.

Sarah stated that said Frank has the most intense blue eyes and in their eye contact Sarah felt sparks and a connection to this man. She too didn’t want the flight to end.

Before the descent back into Perth Sarah’s friend Tammy appeared and after some pleasantries about the flight asked Frank to join Sarah, and a few other friends to celebrate her birthday in a few weeks’ time.  Frank immediately accepted the invite to come and jumped at any opportunity to see Sarah again

I think you would agree that cupid was there with the couple that day with the help of Tammy.

At the BBQ get together the conversation and attraction between Sarah and Frank was quite apparent to all the guests to this celebration.

Frank took charge and arranged a date with Sarah then and there as he said to himself; you only get once in a lifetime shot to be with an amazing woman like Sarah so he wasn’t waiting another second. She accepted and on the 7th March 2010 after many dates and long conversations, the two became an official item.

Frank revealed to Sarah that he loved her and wanted her to be his girlfriend which she replied she felt the same way. Even as early on in their love story, Sarah and Frank both knew they would make each other happy and wanted to be with one another forever.

They moved in with each other the following January and enjoyed a carefree, contented life with one other. They were and still are completely happy.

Sarah and Frank have a fondness for the outdoors and you would often find them going for walks with their dogs Baxter and Bruno down the dog beach and watching Frank kite surf which is a hobby of his.

Sarah adores animals and when not working at her local Vets, volunteers at their local animal shelter , and when Frank is home from working away the couple together enjoy camping trips, walking ventures, BBQ’s and days at home in their pyjamas.

For Franks 30th Birthday in September 2013 after many months of planning their adventure, they went on a well-deserved holiday to the US, Canada and Mexico where they had the trip of a lifetime with lots of experiences, amusement and Kodak moments captured.

On the 20th December that same year, with a trip over to Rottnest together the loved up couple became engaged.

The setting for the proposal was just perfect... Envision this….

Flying over the panoramic island of Rottnest just off the coast of WA, in a seaplane Frank pointed out to Sarah something written in the sands below.

In large writing Frank had arranged with their nearest and dearest to write “will you marry me Sarah?”. Sarah in shock and happy tears was then presented with a gorgeous ring and Frank repeated the question and as we are all here today to bear witness to their vows and marriage, I think we know Sarah of course said YES.

Along with family and friends they celebrated their engagement at the South Perth Yacht club and last February moved into the house they built together.

Today is an important time for Sarah and Frank to reflect on each other’s qualities that make them unique and special to each other and what brings them to the decision to marry.

When I asked Sarah this question she smiled and said so naturally and simply that Frank is her best friend.

She expressed to me that Frank wears his heart on his sleeve and would do anything to help anyone in need.

He is the most caring and funny person she has met and can see a happy life with him filled with love, support and friendship.

Frank is amazing she said. He is hardworking, Loves his mum to bits and has strong family values.

He is pure and has a heart of gold.

Frank replied with, meeting and having Sarah in his life is like winning the lottery.

Sarah means everything to him and he wants to grow old with her creating memories and enjoying life together as husband and wife but as also friends.

Frank says Sarah has a positive nature about her and whatever room she enters, it lights up and people are naturally gravitate to her.

He says Sarah is passionate about her career and is simply gorgeous.

Sarah and Frank say they are a unique couple as they simply adore each other’s company. Whether it is out and about or at home they just love to be with one another.

They are always up for a laugh and at times wonder what their neighbours must think.

Communication is imperative to Sarah and Frank and with Frank working away they find talking daily has helped strengthen their bond.

They consider themselves a powerhouse couple and bring the best out of each other.

Sarah is naturally organised and is good with money and has taught Frank a thing or two on how to save.

Frank brings the calm to the house along with laughter and security. He also isn’t shy to roll up his sleeves and get his elbows dirty and help around the house where needed.

Sarah and Frank have been together six years and already have built a strong relationship built on trust, love and friendship.  Through the happy moments to the sad moments they have been each other’s pillar of strength and continually supportive of one another.

They realise that life is a rollercoaster, and in the good times and bad, they will have each other’s back no matter what life may throw at them.


Marriage to Sarah and frank is to be happy and to grow together.

To build an honest relationship with trust, empathy, sympathy and ongoing support.

They look forward to having a family in the not too distant future and to continue their love story as husband and wife.

Because of these qualities that they see in each other and their future together they know their marriage will be a source of love, strength and commitment. They know they will face hardship along the way, but together will triumph any obstacle they face


I believe a good marriage must be created.

It is much more than your signatures on a legal contract. You are promising, in front of the people you love, that you want to be with each other and only each other for the rest of your lives, and that you will do everything in your power to honour the promises you are making here today.

In marriage the "little" things are the big things.

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say, ”I love you" at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It is standing together and facing the world.

It is the promise to be there for one another in the good and bad times

It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.

It is not only marrying the right person -- but it is about being the right partner


Today Sarah and Frank proclaim their love and commitment to each other and  in front of you all we have gathered to celebrate and support the new life they will now undertake together.


Ritual – Unity / Commitment Candle Ceremony

Sarah and Frank wish to do a candle ceremony to symbolize their separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends joining here today as one.

Please pick up the lighted candles and together light the centre candle.

Do not blow out your individual flame however as this represents who you are individually.

You will always be an individual but together you acknowledge who you are but who you will now become by lighting the Candle of Marriage.

This centre candle depicts the joining of two families, two sets of friends, two separate lives….and becoming one flame.

Its fire is magical because it represents the light of two people in love.

Sarah and Frank, may this flame give you courage and reassurance in the darkness; warmth and safety in the cold; and strength and joy in your bodies, minds, and spirits.

May your union be forever blessed and strong just as these flames.

Thank you Sarah and Frank I now would ask you to face each other holding hands


The Asking

Frank to Sarah

Do you take Sarah Ashley Jones to be your wife? Do you promise to love her, honour her, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding onto her for the rest of your life?

“I do”

Sarah to Frank

Do you take Franklyn Noah Bettes to be your husband? Do you promise to love him, honour him, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others and holding onto him for the rest of your life?

“I do”


Legal Vows

Frank please repeat after me

“I ask everyone here today to witness that I…… Franklyn Bettes……. take you Sarah Jones…… to be my lawfully wedded wife…… from this time forward.

I will trust you and honour you…….. I will laugh with you and cry with you……Through the best and the worst…….Through the difficult and the easy……..Whatever may come I will always be there……

As I have given you my hand to hold………So I give you my life to keep


Sarah please repeat after me

"I ask everyone here today to witness that I….. Sarah Jones……. take you, Franklyn Bettes…… to be my lawfully wedded husband……. from this time forward.

I will trust you and honour you…..I will laugh with you and cry with you….Through the best and the worst……..Through the difficult and the easy…….Whatever may come I will always be there…..

As I have given you my hand to hold…….So I give you my life to keep


Exchange of Rings

I would now like to call the best man forward with the wedding rings


The Exchange of Wedding Rings represents the vows and promises Sarah and Frank have exchanged.


They signify to the world that that they belong to someone special and someone special belongs to them.

May these rings always remind you of the vows you have taken.


Frank please repeat after me

I Franklyn Bettes …..take thee, Sarah Jones…… to be my Wife

To have and to hold…… in sickness and in health…….for richer or for poorer…… in joy and sorrow.

I promise my love to you.

And with this ring…….I take you as my Wife…… for as long as we both shall live.

Thank you Frank


Sarah please repeat after me

I Sarah Jones….. take thee, Franklyn Bettes….. to be my Husband

To have and to hold……. in sickness and in health….. for richer or for poorer…… in joy and sorrow

I promise my love to you.

And with this ring….. I take you as my husband….. for as long as we both shall live.

Thank you Sarah





Sarah and Frank,


Before myself and before these witnesses you have declared your promises to one another.

You have committed to be there for one another through thick and thin for the rest of your days.

You have said your vows to hold each other’s hands throughout whatever life may bring you.

Marriage takes trust, to know, that in your hearts, you truly want what is best for each other.

It takes dedication, to stay open to one another - and to learn and grow from one another together.

It will take faith, to go forward together, without knowing exactly what the future brings.

And it will take commitment, to hold true to the journey you both have pledged here today.

Sarah and Frank, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and by the power vested in me and absolute privilege……

I would now like to announce you to be………. Husband and Wife

Frank, you may kiss your beautiful Wife.


Signing Register

Along with the Bride and Groom, Can the two witnesses please join us in signing the wedding certificates? Thankyou


Introduction of Couple/ Presentation of Marriage Certificate


A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.

In Sarah and Frank’s case, this statement is so very true.

From the moment they met they wanted to keep talking, learning from each other and making special moments such as today together.

I wish you both a lifetime of conversation…..

A lifetime of happiness, strength, patience and with love as always

I thank you both for including me in your special day. Thank you…


Friends and Family shortly afterwards a group photo will take place which the photographer will give direction for.


The reception will commence at 5pm at the East Fremantle Yacht Club where you can continue to celebrate with the newlyweds and dance the night away.

I would now like you to all join me in welcoming Australia’s newest married couple Mr and Mrs Franklyn Bettes.


The End


Together let’s create your dream Ceremony